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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Software Utilities

Download utilities.rar

Utilities.rar contains,

1) file_recover_utility - a recovery tool that is used to recover data that was deleted from your storage disks. even if u deleted by shift+delete, this can recover the files.. unless it was overwritten with some other data or the disk was formatted..

2) ppviewer - A powerpoint presentation viewing utility, useful if u don't have Powepoint installed, but just want to view the presentations created by it..if u have installed Powerpoint along with MS Office then ignore this..

3) DivXWebPlayer - Needed to watch embedded Divx videos online using your Browser..

4) CD Reader - A Utility to read corrupt files from your CD-ROM..

5) cc Cleaner - A Registry cleaning utility, useful to keep ur registry clean of unwanted entries..

6) Photo Restorer - recover Image files deleted from your System..

7) Qlock - A free World Clock for your Desktop.

8) WinErrors - just a small utility which lists out around a 11,000 error messages in windows along with their error codes...

9) SqrSoft Crossfader - A plug-in for Winamp, crossfades the songs, i.e eliminates the silence while changing from one song to the other, giving u a smooth continuity effect.

1) Games --> The classical Super mario game(emulators included..) and the simple Bow and Arrow game. Download these games.

2) Damn NFO Viewer --> A tool to view the NFO files that usually comes with some softwares and movie rips.(notepad NEVER renders NFO files properly...)

Download utilities.rar


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