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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Test your Antivirus software's effectiveness

This post deals with VIRUS behaviour only, for SPYWARE testing go here...

Download the dummy virus file (.zip) given below and try to extract the ".exe" file in it.. your anti-virus software's "on-access scanner" or "guard" or "resident protection" or whatever it is, should pick it up. Then you can know that you have a good working AV software..

link to download the dummy virus -->

reference site -->

And I am glad to note that my new AV Software detected these files and prevented me from accessing them while allowing me to safely dispose them.

Also a comparison between three of the popular FREE AV Software can be found below

This file is just a dummy one which imitates a virus and is not a real virus... and so should not cause any problems to your PC. Nevertheless please read the disclaimers that are found on the reference site...

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