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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Test your FIREWALL now!

Do u happen to have a firewall that lets you block incoming traffic from unwanted sources or worse, hackers??
If so have you ever wondered if that firewall protects you from unwanted outbound traffic as well?

Well then its time to do so, because trojan horses and certain worms do just that(i.e use ur computer as a host to infect other systems)

So to check whether your firewall protects you both ways, use this simple Firewall tester.
its very simple to use.

Download it here -->

For more details about this software go here -->

And just an additional info... Windows XP firewall didn't even try anything to protect me when i tested it with this... So better get a good firewall if u r using it...


Thursday, December 13, 2007

And now test your Browser Security!!

Now that we have taken care of testing the level of security, provided by both your Anti-Virus and your Anti-Spyware , we will move on to your browser... And see how secure your browser is and determine if it is CRASH proof...

Now to do that, you will have to go to this test site.
Once there, make sure you follow their instructions carefully as the sole purpose of the site is to crash your browser! and thus determine if it is secure enough.

from the page:
"Careful! The test will try to crash your browser! Close all other browser windows before starting and bookmark this page. If your browser crashes during the test, restart it and return to this page. It will show which vulnerability crashed your browser and offer you to continue the test or view the results."

As it says don't forget to bookmark the site before starting the test, because you won't know what caused the problem then....

And once again i am glad to inform that my Firefox came out in flying colors in this test, BUT my IE6 didn't!!!!! according to the site, i had an older version of Adobe Flash Viewer so it exploited a flaw in it and caused it to crash..

So i guess taking this test would make it easier for you to understand the security level offered by your browser.

So Enjoy and be Safe!!


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