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Friday, October 09, 2009

LCROSS impact live broadcast by NASA

The LCROSS mission's lunar impact is scheduled for TODAY (9th October 2009, Friday) at

04:31:19 a.m. PDT (or) 07:31:19 a.m. EDT (or) 11:31:19 UTC (or)
05:01:19 p.m IST --- Indian Standard Time

You can watch the LIVE streaming broadcast of this event by NASA over the internet, at the following locations..

or use VLC or similar software to open a NETWORK STREAM with the following address:


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Auto Kill Any Process

[UPDATE] 06-Feb-2010

Version 2.1 is now available!

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Continue reading, to know more about version 1.0

Auto Kill Any Process is a very basic and simple "Hit List" based batch process terminator.

When you want to quickly terminate a set of processes after working with any application (OR) you want to kill a few processes that somehow keeps launching at startups (OR) you want to quickly terminate any Non Responding process, then simply execute Auto Kill Any Process and quickly terminate the selected processes.

"Auto Kill Any Process" is a very basic and simple utility, designed so that you can create a HIT LIST (both through a User Interface [or] through a text file), with the process names that you want to terminate often, and thereafter, simply double click the application icon to terminate these processes without any further clicking.

The Hit List is configured just once until YOU decide to change it again, and after that, there are no windows to see, buttons to click or any other hassles.. just double click the icon to execute an "Auto Kill" of those processes. You can also add the application to windows startup so that even that is taken care of.

For further details refer the "Read Me" file provided.

Screenshot: (click to enlarge)

Mirror Location 1
Mirror Location 2

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs in this application, please contact me.


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