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Sunday, November 01, 2009

How to get 1 GB Normal / FTP storage or backup space for FREE

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* Signup at for free. You get a storage account with type as "FREE account" (which won't be enough),

* Then create a FREE-Private-Secure email account at HUSHMAIL.COM or other similar sites and use that as your default mail ID in DriveHQ site.  [Alternatively, you can use your own private domain mail id, provided by your company or whatever, if you have one..]

* Once you change your default mail id, will send a confirmation mail to your newly created hushmail id,

* Verify this email id by logging into the your newly created webmail account at, after verification, your account type at DriveHQ will change to "TRUE Account".

That's it!!
You can now use, 1 GB Normal / FTP storage or backup space with 1 GB bandwidth, for free and you can share your files, photos, music, video with others as well!!

* note 1: If you opt for HUSHMAIL's free email service (which you probably will..), then you will have to log in into your hushmail account at least once in 3 weeks, otherwise your mail account will be deleted, so if you want to keep that ID forever, better log in once every 3 weeks..

* note 2: For details about configuring your FTP account at, please refer to their FAQs and support pages..

* note 3: You can use any FTP client of your choice, but offer their own custom made File Manager software for FREE, which will make your file management tasks much easier, so you can give it a try as well..

Here is a screenshot showing some details of my free account.

(click to enlarge..)

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