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Friday, October 12, 2007

Top Stuff

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And here are the top stuff, that i use to get the MAXIMUM out of the browsing experience!!

1) Firefox:
Undoubtedly, the number one tool for any one who wishes to enjoy the web!. Highly secure, reliable, fancy, powerful with use of add-ons and what not??. Far more better than Microsoft's IE 7.0!! If u r still using IE, then i strongly recommend that you switch to Firefox.... NOW!!
you can get Firefox from here.

2) McAfee SiteAdvisor :
Even though u may be using Firefox, which actually stops most of the browser exploits, there are sites which affect your PC directly by downloaded files, rather than through your browser. So you need to be aware of such sites and prevent downloading from those sites... but its not possible to sort out good and bad sites isn't it?? Well, think again! coz, SiteAdvisor does just that. How wonderful it would be if someone helps you decide whether the site u r visiting is trustworthy or not(especially in the era of adware, spyware etc..)?
This simple add-on glows Green if a site is perfectly safe. Yellow if it is a bit untrustworthy or Red if the site is harmful to ur PC.
get it here...

and as for those loyal Internet Explorer fans who don't want to be safe and sound by switching to firefox, they offer an IE version too..
get it here..

3) StumbleUpon Toolbar :
Have you ever felt tired/bored of searching for great websites to browse through only to end up with boring or crap sites? then this toolbar is just for you!! Of all the toolbars that i use, this is The Best!!
Use the "Stumble" button in the toolbar, to surf great websites, based on your interests! Surf through photos, videos, blogs, games and lots more!!
A Quality way to spend some quality free time in browsing!!
get it here..

4) Free Download manager :
This is just what the name implies.. A free Download Manager!!
There are many download managers and accelerators available in the web, but best of them are costly or just trial versions(means they don't offer the powerful features of the full version or give u all features for limited number of days..).
This "Free Download Manager" on the other hand is not only 100% free but is also Open Source!! It has features that can compete with the top class non-free softwares of its kind and has features much more than them!!
You can even download videos from YouTube and other Similar video hosting websites..
All in all a must have tool for those who download a lot of stuff from the web.

get it from..

There are so many features available that i can't describe them here, so take a look at those features here..

Important : SiteAdvisor reports that there are a lot of harmful downloads in their official website, so don't download anything from there. To download the software, follow the links I've given above as they are from reputed sources.
To view a detailed report of their sites content ---> Click Here


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